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Successful Gardening on the Northern Prairie

Successful Gardening on the Northern Prairie is an an easy-to-read, common-sense manual for gardeners on the plains of Western Minnesota, Eastern South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana.

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A Treasury of Old Souls

A Treasury of Old Souls is a collection of engaging stories about Eric Bergeson's lifetime spent amongst a small town's aging population. Even as a young child, Eric found himself in friendships with people in their golden years. In mid-life, he realized that his own perspective on life, death and relationships had been powerfully shaped by these unique friendships.

Poignant, funny, yet gently instructional, Treasury is masterfully told in Eric's signature entertaining style as he traces the growth of his love and understanding of the elderly from his first day of kindergarten to recent adventures with his centenarian great aunt Olive.

Treasury is Eric Bergeson's sixth book.

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Back on the Farm

Back on the Farm is a collection of bittersweet stories about small-town life, characters who shaped the author’s life, disappearing country churches, childhood memories, the misadventures of building a house next to a swamp, as well as some whacky self-help tips. 

“No one better conveys the rural experience than this guy—and living in a place called Boonsville, I know rural when I read it.” —Bruce Anderson, publisher, Anderson Valley Advertiser, Boonsville, CA

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Off the Farm

Off the Farm is a book of stories which focus on travel, both near and far. From Europe, to Arizona, to the skies over Greenland, Eric describes the world seen through his peculiar lens. In then end, he comes home to pancakes and scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner. 

“If you enjoyed the wit and wisdom of Bergeson’s previous books, these tales of Eric’s adventures are sure to delight.” —Ross Pfund, publisher, Norman County Index, Ada, MN

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