Pie in the St. Pauli Church Basement


Pie in the St. Pauli church basement, rural Thief River Falls. I spoke upstairs first, then went downstairs to choose from about a dozen kinds of pie, includingblackberry, which was one of an undetermined number of slices I ate. 

The legendary feeds in church basements are falling prey to changing times. In the last couple of years, several area country churches have discontinued annual church suppers. 

More funerals are catered than before. From a selfish perspective, this is a grim development, but for the dwindling number of women tasked with providing the meals, it is about time. 

I stand in wonder at the staggering number of meals country church women provided over the last century. At St. John's Lutheran, (otherwise known as the Swedish church) down the road, you could count on funeral meals, as well as monthly Ladies Aid feeds open to all, in addition to monthly Luther League services on Sunday evening. Work, work, work. 

The prime beneficiaries were bachelor farmers, many of whom would have otherwise descended into malnourishment. 

But all of us benefitted from not only the food, but the chance to visit with neighbors. 

Thanks to the magicians in the kitchen for decades of great meals!