Olla Turns 100


Just received this photo, which brings back memories. 2011. Aunt Olive, right, is about to turn 100. In July, she was invited to a Syverson family reunion in Ulen. The family picked her up from the Fertile Hilton to attend for one big reason: one of Olive's favorite students, Eileen, left, was in her last days and they wanted to surprise her with a visit from her old school teacher.

Eileen had been Olive's student in District 29, a one-room school down the old Atlanta Lutheran Church. Together, with other students, they weathered the legendary March 1941 blizzard (which killed over 70 people in our area) in the schoolhouse by building a tent of horse blankets around the wood stove and playing games all night.

"I didn't say anything," Olive said, "but I was petrified of a chimney fire."

Fast forward 70-some years and Eileen was one of the students who so faithfully attended every one of Olive's birthday parties in Olive's 90s.

Olive was saddened when Eileen passed away only days before her 100th birthday celebration in late September.