Champoo and Olive

Niece Champoo, 10, and Aunt Olive, 103, on the occasion of Aunt Olive's last birthday before she passed away, one year ago, February 24th, 2015. 

"The problem is," Aunt Olive, complained, "I don't have anything to die of!" 

She was right. Her heart was in pretty good shape, medication was preventing strokes, even though "I've had so many strokes that the blood vessels are just hanging loose in there!" 

Really, in the end, it wasn't clear what caused Olive's demise other than she just plain worn out. She was in a lot of pain, and it wasn't clear where the pain came from.

And so, when people ask, "Do you miss Olive?" I am circumspect: she was in no shape to continue. 

And we have all the memories of her old age lived with verve, determination and vivacity!